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Anonymous2 years ago
I like Gloria Jeans on Kohinoor, Jaranawala road. taste is good maybe for some people little bit expanses
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Ayesha Ikram2 years ago
City FM 89 all the way! I've been listening to it for years in car between office and home. In other stations I have FM 99. When I want Bollywood, I put on 94.6. Occasionally FM 94 has nice stuff on
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Ayesha Ikram2 years ago
Pakistan's military dictator Ayub Khan decided to shift the capital city from Karachi to Islamabad in late 1950 as Karachi had become economic hub of the country and the infrastructure of the city was proving inadequate for the growing needs of the city. Before 1947 Karachi's population was barely one million but after independence of India and creation of Pakistan, over 6 million refugees from India settled in Karachi and many civic problems arose including that of transport and sanitation etc.
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Rabia Hamza2 years ago
AZAAN HEIGHTS Largest Shopping Mall in Sahiwal Kids: The kids range is split into three categories. Infant (0 – 18 months), Toddler (18 months – 6 years), Junior (6 – 12years). The collections are made to be fashionable as they are practical, durable, safe and comfortable. CONTACT INFO Email: info1@outfitters.com.pk Website http://www.outfitters.com.pk
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Asad Baloch2 years ago
Faisalabad is know as the Manchester of Pakistan. Faisalabad is the 3rd most population city in Pakistan. It is second most populas city in Punjab.Faisalabad has world 2nd biggest university agricultural of Pakistan. It has such brilliant people that make every Pakistani proud.Beautiful people live here and enjoy their life styles.It is full of beautiful cars . Lamborghini is common example. Arfa Creem youngest certified Microsoft expert in the world are also from faisalabad.
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Ayesha Ikram2 years ago
PTCL broadband. Good speed, no problems at all... plus quick service & very friendly customer care :)
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