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Hareem Farooq11 months ago

In my point of view if any reference is found, then okay, if the reference is not available then they will hire those people who they want.

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Anonymous11 months ago

The first outlet of ostrich meat has been opened at Sitiana Road in Faisalabad to provide the pure and hygienic meat of ostrich to the consumers.

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Amna Ellahi12 months ago

For me Criticism is the most annoying habit. Freedom of speech doesn't mean to talk shit every time. If u don't like something you can stay silent.

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Anonymous12 months ago

Shab-e-Barat is a night when Allah writes the faith of every person for the whole next year and it is the most blessed night that whosoever ask for forgiveness Allah forgive them.

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Mehak Ibad12 months ago

It was I guess my cell phone which was very expensive and I throw it from 3rd floor mistakenly.

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Mehak Ibad12 months ago

I bought some cosmetics from my first salary and some clothes too, it was the best experience of my life.

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Mehak Ibad1 year ago

Well like all girls i too first dreamed to become a teacher but yeah alhamdulilah i m happy where i am right now.

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Anum Munir1 year ago
Well My city name is Tando Adam, Sajji (Raan) and Hafiz Kay Badion Baray (Sweet) is best and represent my city in all Pakistan.
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Anonymous1 year ago
Because of the increasing number of rape cases where women is being kidnapped and then murdered after raping them.
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Afi Sindhu1 year ago
A need is something that a person must have in order to thrive. Without it, that person will suffer either physically or mentally.And a want is a choice. A desire which a person may or may not be able to get. Life will continue if a person doesn’t get what they want.
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