میں فائن آرٹس (Fine Arts) اور کمیونیکیشن ڈیزائن (Communication Design) کے درمیان بہت کنفیوز (Confused) ہوں. مجھے فائن آرٹس (Fine Arts) میں دلچسپی ہے، لیکن اس کا پاکستان میں بہت کم سکوپ (Scope) ہے. مجھے کس وقت اس کا انتخاب کرنا چاہیے؟

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Khansa Maqbool1 year ago
Who said that Fine arts does not have scope in Pakistan. It is creative field and ll be benefited in one or another way . Its a standard undergraduate degree in Pakistan. It refers to the study of drawing ,painting, sculpturing, literature , music, design , Dance and architecture. It trains you to become an Artist ...
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