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Afi Sindhu1 year ago
The University of the Punjab established 1882 in Lahore is the oldest university of Pakistan.
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Rubab Fatima1 year ago
Best institute for study...i met lot of PU students and they are very polished in their fields.... even few of my teachers are from PU and they are quite professional.
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Ali Ahsan2 years ago
I think "Allama Iqbal Open University" is best for M.S in computer Science in islamabad Pakistan.
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Haya Khan2 years ago
They are critical thinkers who can access, synthesize, and retain factual information logically and systematically.They are motivated and persistent in their efforts to get at the best available version of the truth, and then to verify those facts.They are good communicators who have an intuitive understanding of storytelling and the non-fiction narrative devices that create drama, tension and suspense With that in mind.A two-year associate degree program is one way to begin this process.
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Zeeshan Ali2 years ago
For business and management i recommend Lums is good and for sofware engineering fast university is good. My nephew is in lums and doing management and business studies.. he also does not recommend CS for Lums. Most companies recommend and acknowledges the fast is good enough for CS.
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