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Khansa Maqbool1 year ago
I guess its very tricky to be a politician in Pakistan. Simply u can be a supporter to a party . or You should have a lot of contacts and money . Most importantly you must have a clever brain also know how to use it.
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1 year ago
in my opinion Pakistani voters are the blind voter they will support Imran khan as now people support Nawaz Shraif does not matter either he is corrupt or not.
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Anonymous1 year ago
Nothing gonna happened! its day dreaming that Politian mafia gonna finish in Pakistan. no one can punish politicians on their crimes until Pakistanis are educated and know what is wrong and right! keep silent nation is sleeping (qeemy waly naan kha kar :p )
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Zeeshan Ali2 years ago
11 August 1943 (age 74) Old Delhi, British India
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