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Anonymous11 months ago
LOL girl.. all airports of Pakistan are corrupt in one or other sense... is hmam mn sary e nangy hn :-/
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Afi Sindhu11 months ago
The University of the Punjab established 1882 in Lahore is the oldest university of Pakistan.
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Anonymous11 months ago
U should try Hunza valley, Bagrot valley, Gojal valley and Golaghmuli valley. They are worth visiting
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Khansa Maqbool11 months ago
The mosque which are Constructed in 17th Century are commonly famous as historcal . Like Mahabat Khan Mosque , Badshahi Mosque , Sunehri Masjid .
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Amna Ellahi12 months ago
Well who cares about harm if u love to smoke u will in any case and if you hate smoking than u will consider it harmful. btw i guess it's less harmful.
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김 재우12 months ago
Kong Fu and Martial arts from china they have Chinese style of fight. jodu and karaty is from japan same as taekwondo origin is korea.
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Khansa Maqbool12 months ago
I guess its very tricky to be a politician in Pakistan. Simply u can be a supporter to a party . or You should have a lot of contacts and money . Most importantly you must have a clever brain also know how to use it.
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