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Ali Ahsan1 year ago
Al Ain International Specialist Eye Hospital is the best hospital in islamabad Pakistan for eye Treatment.
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Ali Ahsan2 years ago
I think "Allama Iqbal Open University" is best for M.S in computer Science in islamabad Pakistan.
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Ayesha Ikram2 years ago
Pakistan's military dictator Ayub Khan decided to shift the capital city from Karachi to Islamabad in late 1950 as Karachi had become economic hub of the country and the infrastructure of the city was proving inadequate for the growing needs of the city. Before 1947 Karachi's population was barely one million but after independence of India and creation of Pakistan, over 6 million refugees from India settled in Karachi and many civic problems arose including that of transport and sanitation etc.
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Dawood Butt2 years ago
Monal Restaurant worth visiting lovely view of Islamabad and many types of yummy food
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iconسفر 34 لوگوں نے دیکھا | 1 جوابات
Adil Butt2 years ago
Sirkap Remains, Pir Sohawa, Lok Virsa Museum, Fatima Jinnah Park, Pakistan Monuments Museum, Laila Carnival Park, Laila Carnival Park
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