#Imran Khan

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Khansa Maqbool1 year ago
May be yes because opposition always try to find excuses to humiliate their opponent it could go against him in a way. Well, it is not a big deal Its his life he can marry as many time as he want , people should keep their nose out of anyone's personal life , no matter he/she is a politician or any celebrity.
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Sardar Ahmad1 year ago
i think ye political issue hy because ager PTI Chairman Imran Khan merrage krty to wo conferme to krty kion k shadi krna koi galt to nhe ho ga baqi m samajhta hun media ko aisa issue nhe banana chaye
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1 year ago
in my opinion Pakistani voters are the blind voter they will support Imran khan as now people support Nawaz Shraif does not matter either he is corrupt or not.
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