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1 year ago
in my opinion Pakistani voters are the blind voter they will support Imran khan as now people support Nawaz Shraif does not matter either he is corrupt or not.
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Anonymous1 year ago
American Govt is not against Pakistan specifically but against all Muslim countries . They like domination and they are doing their best to achieve their goals . They simply can't see progrees of any other country. Sadly our govt is totally supporting them for such plans.
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Tauseef Anwar1 year ago
Some Steps Pakistan Government Taken to protect religious minorities in Pakistan are following:1. End Sectarian Attacks 2. Protect Religious Minorities,3. Protect Women’s Rights 4. End Abuses and Enforced Disappearances in Balochistan 5. Ensure Media Freedom,6.Restore Human Rights Ministre
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Zubair Ahmad2 years ago
SIUT ,Pakistan Kidney Institute (PKI), Kidney Centre (Rawalpindi), Kidney Centre (Karachi) are the best and the largest Kidney transplant hospital in Pakistan.
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