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Asad Baloch2 years ago
Faisalabad is know as the Manchester of Pakistan. Faisalabad is the 3rd most population city in Pakistan. It is second most populas city in Punjab.Faisalabad has world 2nd biggest university agricultural of Pakistan. It has such brilliant people that make every Pakistani proud.Beautiful people live here and enjoy their life styles.It is full of beautiful cars . Lamborghini is common example. Arfa Creem youngest certified Microsoft expert in the world are also from faisalabad.
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Umair Butt2 years ago
I guess not , two time meal is compulsory, but with other calories stuff.
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Anonymous2 years ago
Exclusive Homes its clean and cheap guest house located just a 5-minute walk from Clifton Beach in Karachi House # D-139 KDA Scheeme 5 clifton Block 4, Karachi.
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Adil Butt2 years ago
All the Cmh in pakistan are the best hospitals you could find especially the ones in major cities . State of the art equipment good doctors . I went to the nursery of CMH Lahore and it was exceptional
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Asma Ijaz2 years ago
sadly its health department's job to have check on them but they don't have proper check. so if we are buying product we can not sure if these are good for health. :(
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