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Ali Ahsan1 year ago
Hallmark Institute of Excellence - Faisalabad KIPS - Faisalabad Webster Academy Primavera Academy Boston Academy EVS Professional Training Institute
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Momina Khan1 year ago
For instance, executing a database query in PHP or Python, should not be slower nor faster than any other language. It is up to the database server. Other than that, both (the original) PHP and Python implementations come with extensions written in C/C++ code, so comparing the speed of PHP and Python is just comparing how fast the commands that access that C/C++ code run. So you are not really comparing PHP and Python.
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Muhammad Saqib2 years ago
ADP stands for "Associate Degree Program", it is 2 year Program.
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Muhammad Abduhu2 years ago
we have now a days virtual universities apart that we can find all kind of tutorial on YouTube from worldwide exports of all categories. apart that we can read informative blogs and educational sites many of these things wasn't available in past.
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Anonymous2 years ago
one basic reason is we don't have high level universities here. or you can say quality of education is better in in Lahore or Karachi as compare to Faisalabad.
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Sana Murtaza2 years ago
education take to the interview desk and clearance interview needs skills
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