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Mehak Ibad1 year ago

Well it just depends that how you brought up your child. In today's century you can give a bestest future to your child Meanwhile you can spoil your kid really bad. It all depends on parents.

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Amna Ellahi1 year ago
http://www.mobile-phone.pk/samsung_mobile_prices-4.html ....................... here is a link u may chk
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Anonymous1 year ago
Rangreza i think...cox viewers are already infuriated with the dressing of humaima malik in earth + rangreza's songs are more praised by the public than arth's songs
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Afi Sindhu1 year ago
My Father give me lovely anklet on my birthday. It was best Birthday surprise
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Anonymous1 year ago
It depends on where you are studying or doing job .. Most of institutes have their own hostels . but there a long list of private hostels as well.
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Tauseef Anwar1 year ago
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