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Amna Ellahi1 year ago
All the stars, sun or moon we see is a small portion of this universe. The rest is made of two components. Much of the universe is made of 'Dark matter' and the other is ' Dark energy'. According to scientist only 5% of the universe is made up of Normal matter, 27% is made of Dark matter 68% is made of dark energy.
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Anonymous1 year ago
Well, some people have fun to get directions through stars but its always a complicated game for me. First we have to find the group of 7 stars , the 2 stars from those 7 stars would point in the same direction,The North Star will always be five times the distance between these two pointers in the direction that they point , there u can see the North star. North star does not appear to move it always stay on same place .You can easily guess the north side through north star.
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