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Khansa Maqbool4 months ago
Bratty (Home Alone) ,Harry Potter, Peter parker (Spider man), Edward Cullen (Twilight), Jacob Black (Twilight), Legolas (Lord of the ring), Most favourite Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean), Jordan (wolf of wall street) .Sorry i can't come up with only single character... There are still so many more ...
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Sardar Ahmad5 months ago
i think ye political issue hy because ager PTI Chairman Imran Khan merrage krty to wo conferme to krty kion k shadi krna koi galt to nhe ho ga baqi m samajhta hun media ko aisa issue nhe banana chaye
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anum sheikh9 months ago
Alisha Studio & Takhleeqar Production are good for more visit link: https://mastorat.com/pakistani-wedding-photographers/
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anum sheikh9 months ago
After reading During his stay in London, Jinnah frequently visited the theatre. He was mesmerized by the acting, especially those of the Shakespearean actors. His dream was to 'play the role of Romeo at the Old Vic. long story short, Yes Jinnah wanted to act in Shakespeare theater but as his father disliked it, so he did not took part in any act.
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