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Afi Sindhu1 year ago
The University of the Punjab established 1882 in Lahore is the oldest university of Pakistan.
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Ali Ahsan1 year ago
Hallmark Institute of Excellence - Faisalabad KIPS - Faisalabad Webster Academy Primavera Academy Boston Academy EVS Professional Training Institute
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Momina Khan1 year ago
For instance, executing a database query in PHP or Python, should not be slower nor faster than any other language. It is up to the database server. Other than that, both (the original) PHP and Python implementations come with extensions written in C/C++ code, so comparing the speed of PHP and Python is just comparing how fast the commands that access that C/C++ code run. So you are not really comparing PHP and Python.
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Amna Ellahi1 year ago
Day Scholars are those who attend their school then come back to their home means they use their own residence whereas Boarders are those who study in boarding schools away from their home.
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Anonymous1 year ago
Yes the company provided fake degrees due to which company's CEO Shoaib sheikh is in custody
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Khansa Maqbool1 year ago
Ofcourse we always try to find ease which is not in using our own brain so Computers are better but the fact is that Computer is invention of Human Brain so Human Brain is more prior than Computers. Now we are so used to technology and computers that we don't like to use our own brain even for the smallest calculation .
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Yasir Javed1 year ago
pehly chicken aya .Science ny proove kia h k egg k andr jo protein hpta h wo sirf murgi bna sakti h.. Allah Pak ny har cheez ko Jory main paida kia h..
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Khansa Maqbool1 year ago
C# on visual Studio because .NET is the best to learn as its a complete package if one could simplify its complex codes and logic . It covers both online and offline projects . I find its connectivity to database (SQL server ) is very simple .It is something really worthy .
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Zubair Ahmad1 year ago
Web developers write pages using HTML and CSS, strictly speaking they are not programming languages. And Web programmer is Someone who uses backend server languages, like ASP, PHP, Ruby, etc, to write the logic for a web application
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