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Tauseef Anwar7 months ago
Yes,https://www.igreen.pk/ is a best website for current weather report.Visit this site for more details https://www.igreen.pk/en/weather.
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Khansa Maqbool7 months ago
I don't think there is any specific reason behind adding # hashtag which is also called pound symbol in better version of programming languages . It is that simple like we have two plus signs in C++ which is more improved version of C lang, it would not look nice if MS add two more plus signs after that. So they simply put # which is equal to ++++ four plus signs . In Programming world we use to pronounce it sharp as C-sharp , F-sharp etc . That means more evolved version of actual languages.
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Amna Ellahi8 months ago
#Unknown even if someone is using in a right manner still u can be misguided by anyone if u are not mature..
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Anonymous9 months ago
Pakistan ICT minister miss Anushay Rehman has said in start of 2017 that pakistan would be the first country in South Asia who will launch 5G . My ear would not hear any news about this after that..
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Khansa Maqbool10 months ago
PTCL Lines Area Exchange in New MA Jinnah Rd, Karachi. PTCL Misrishah Telephone Exchange Khayaban-e-Muhafiz, Karachi. Wireless Xperts PTCL Frenchise Shop 54, Gemini Shopping Plaza, Abdullah Haroon Rd, Karachi 74400 .  
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Khansa Maqbool10 months ago
not sure they might be using php, bootstarp and sql server .
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Anum Munir10 months ago
Yes, Pakistan's First Growing Fast Company Alien Tech (Pvt) Ltd Provides Free Email Service all around the World.To Create your Account for Free Mail Service go to igreen.pk and Create your account.
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