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Khansa Maqbool11 months ago
It was so predictable that who gonna win so no wonder.The party which is confirmed as a corrupted party does not deserve max votes but if they achieved it well Congratezz to them. This is present politics no one can ever understand it ..
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Khansa Maqbool12 months ago
I guess its very tricky to be a politician in Pakistan. Simply u can be a supporter to a party . or You should have a lot of contacts and money . Most importantly you must have a clever brain also know how to use it.
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Haya Khan12 months ago
She is still in Politics and Nominated for Senate Seat Election 2018 from Sindh Political Party PPP, Hina Rabbani Khar filed her papers for the seats reserved for women.
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Tauseef Anwar12 months ago
I think No matter,president of PML-N Shahbaz Sharif or Nawaz Sharif,they are all equal. ....
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Khansa Maqbool12 months ago
May be yes because opposition always try to find excuses to humiliate their opponent it could go against him in a way. Well, it is not a big deal Its his life he can marry as many time as he want , people should keep their nose out of anyone's personal life , no matter he/she is a politician or any celebrity.
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Tauseef Anwar1 year ago
Wikipedia deleted pages of these personalities due to Company Policies.According to media, Wikipedia said that Bakhtawar Bhutto Information given on Profiles were not matched with her life and family. Its all belong to Bhutto Family, not her life. That’s Why Her profiles page has been deleted.
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