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Ali Ahsan2 years ago
Songs.pk is best website for download mp3 best format and best quality of songs.You can find and download from here all atif's songs.
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Ayesha Ikram2 years ago
City FM 89 all the way! I've been listening to it for years in car between office and home. In other stations I have FM 99. When I want Bollywood, I put on 94.6. Occasionally FM 94 has nice stuff on
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Sana Murtaza2 years ago
Born in Faisalabad, Khan had his first public performance at the age of 16, at his father's chelum. He became the head of the family qawwali party in 1971. He was signed by Oriental Star Agencies, Birmingham, England, in the early 1980s. Khan went on to release movie scores and albums in Europe, India, Japan, Pakistan and the US. He engaged in collaborations and experiments with Western artists, becoming a well-known world music artist. He toured extensively, performing in over 40 countries
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Kabir Khan2 years ago
I Like All Types of Music Mostly Punjabi Indian, Pakistani and English Music.
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Mr Subhan2 years ago
I have found music software to be a great boon for composition. I think it has set me forward many years in my composing abilities. I used Guitar Pro. I've also tried free music notation software and most of these aren't very good: they are buggy and not very intuitive.
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