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Amna Ellahi6 months ago
' i did it ' . it will be the 3 golden words of my life. ............ btw i love u are not golden words now it is common
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Anonymous7 months ago
There is a university of Martial Arts International on Main Susan road Madina town near Silk Bank. u may visit
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Khansa Maqbool7 months ago
Ofcourse this should not be celebrated among muslims. Because it is not only against Islam's teaching as well as this day is spreading immorality, nudity and indecency in our society. It must be stopped as it could leave bad impact of our religion, traditions, social and cultural norms.
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Anum Munir7 months ago
Yes,here is the contact Numbers are +92 41 85 20376,Cell #:+92 300 6667595, +92 302 8387576, you can also visit this article further more information https://www.pakpedia.pk/doc/Eden_Valley
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Anonymous7 months ago
Oil lga kai :p or stand under shower after every hour :p
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Khansa Maqbool8 months ago
I love it when there are so many exciting and new things are coming to my way. I hate it when life stick on a point gradually it becomes monotonous.
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Haya Khan9 months ago
Yup,when i was in university after lunch time,me and my 3 friend entered in a Class late and lecture was going on Basic Electronics and sat very proudly in a class,teacher was seeing and not said anything till we sat then teacher said get lost,We Feel Halki Halki Smilie Bazatiiiiiiii. .....
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Anonymous9 months ago
It depends on where you are studying or doing job .. Most of institutes have their own hostels . but there a long list of private hostels as well.
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Khansa Maqbool10 months ago
Trend shop is best, its in kohinoor city infront of Salt n Pepper.
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