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Anum Munir11 months ago
Well My city name is Tando Adam, Sajji (Raan) and Hafiz Kay Badion Baray (Sweet) is best and represent my city in all Pakistan.
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Khansa Maqbool12 months ago
oo no no don't order it . Meat is not something to order better you should go to some butcher shop and take fresh meat from him infront of your very eyes. Its not a joke but a biggest Health issue...
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Tauseef Anwar1 year ago
Yes, Oriental restaurant in Faisalabad is a famous one for Chinese Cuisines address is 7 Faisal Road, Faisalabad 38000, Pakistan.
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Tauseef Anwar1 year ago
Yum Chinese & Thai, Opium Thai and Lung Fung Chinese Restaurant these are the best restaurants.Yum Chinese & Thai is the best One Chinese/Thai restaurant.
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Zubair Ahmad1 year ago
Al Beirut Lebanese Cuisine is best in karachi however Damascus Restaurant is also good.
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Abdul Rehman1 year ago
Place the butter, sugar, and salt in a medium pot over medium heat. Stir until the butter and sugar have dissolved. Add the milk and let the mixture boil aggressively for 3 or 4 minutes stirring every 10 seconds or so to prevent the caramel on the bottom of the pot from burning.
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Rabia Hamza1 year ago
I Visits last time Mehar Baba Resturant at Sheikhupura With My Friends I think great Restaurant because me and my friends liked its taste very great.
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