What's the cause of under eye dark circles and what treatments can help?

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Anum Munir
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Khansa Maqbool 1 year ago
Well there are so many reasons which can cause dark circles. Sometime it happened due to lack of sleep and sometime if you took nap more than enough . Excessive use of Alcohol , drugs. Fatigue,illness, stress, allergy , unbalance diet, water deficiency and to watch t.v or mobile screen continuously for a long time. and so many more...
Khansa Maqbool 1 year ago
Dark circles could be cure by taking proper water , proper diet and proper sleep. In case of allergy go straight to your doctor never ignore it. If your eye sight is weak never read or watch led screens without your glasses. Just use every thing in limit .
Unknown1 year ago
It must be due to lack of sleep and excessive use of social media or Tv
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