What should be the perfect age of giving mobile phone to your Kids ??

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Amna Ellahi
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Amna Ellahi 1 year ago
#Unknown even if someone is using in a right manner still u can be misguided by anyone if u are not mature..
Afi Sindhu 1 year ago
I think 18
Unknown1 year ago
well in this case age does not matter . It depends on how they accept the things . If they can use it properly and in right manner they can have mobile phones anytime.
Zee Ayesha 1 year ago
I recommend mobile phones should not be given to kids. What they ll do after owning a cell phone ? Games only.
Unknown1 year ago
yes Amna you might be right but today if you stop your kid from anything they would use it secretly. so i always recommend that one should listen and understand their kids.
Rubab Fatima 1 year ago
when the parents can afford mobile's expenses
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