Is the third marriage of Imran Khan will have a negative effect on his Political Career ??

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Amna Ellahi
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Khansa Maqbool 1 year ago
May be yes because opposition always try to find excuses to humiliate their opponent it could go against him in a way. Well, it is not a big deal Its his life he can marry as many time as he want , people should keep their nose out of anyone's personal life , no matter he/she is a politician or any celebrity.
Rubab Fatima 1 year ago
well v can expect any pathetic reason from our senseless public to vote NS again in upcoming elections.
Umair Butt 1 year ago
I dont think so.. Business is a Business and a cup of tea is a cup of tea.
Afi Sindhu 1 year ago
probably opposition parties always try to find excuses. Well, it's not a big deal. It's his life he can marry as many time as he want.
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