Are you satisfied with your current job ?

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Afi Sindhu 12 months ago
Asjad Sheikh 12 months ago
Yes i am
Amna Ellahi 12 months ago
One should never be satisfied with their current job. They should try for better and better
Unknown12 months ago
May Be
Zubair Ahmad 12 months ago
Khansa Maqbool 12 months ago
Very less of Human Beings have blessed with the gift of satisfaction. I am satisfied with my job i don't need any approval from anyone. yeah , there are some things which keep disturbing me on Job Time. so its 50/50
Muzammal Arshad 12 months ago
yes i'm
Haya Khan 12 months ago
No One is satisfied from their Job in this world. ..
Rubab Fatima 12 months ago
Yep... Job is of my type
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