About Us

Just over a year ago we got fascinated by the idea that Pakistan should have it’s own web portal like many other countries. So we tried to implement that idea and put all the efforts on it with the help of our trained workers. Igreen.pk is a Pakistan's biggest web portal which consist of many categories including blogs, questions,polls,news update, weather update, currency update and many more.

Igreen.pk is divided into many different categories and out of all those categories there is a category of Questions where it is quite easy to upload your questions after creating an account on igreen portal.

There are many categories on questions side including social, education, tourism, government, science etc related to which you can ask any question or can give your feedback on any question.we will highly appreciate your suggestions and cooperation .

Why we need to go on other countries web portal when we have our own portal where we can find unlimited information about Pakistan.

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